Hydrocarbons (HC)

Hydrocarbons are also frequently used as refrigerants, in particular propane, isobutane and propene. Isobutane and propane can be found in many household refrigerators for example. Propane refrigeration systems can also be found in supermarkets.


Hydrocarbons are used due to their good thermodynamic properties and the high similarity with HCFCs in terms of pressure conditions. Propane, for example, has properties similar to HCFC chlorofluoromethane (R22). In addition The disadvantages are the high flammability and the increased requirements for explosion protection.


  • Propane R290
  • Global Warming Potential (GWP): 3
  • Density (0 °C): 528.7 kg/m3
  • Spec. heat (0 °C): 2.503 kJ/kgK
  • Vapor pressure (0 °C): 0.474 Mpa / 5 psia

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