Silicone oil

Silicone oils such as type Baysilone KT3 are used in particular for low-temperature applications below –50 °C. A typical application are freeze-drying systems which are used for example in the pharmaceutical industry or biotechnology. The systems are used at operating temperatures from –60 °C  to –90 °C.


Silicone oils are used as refrigerants, particularly in the low temperature range. Baysilone KT3 is characterized by a low pour point < –100 °C, high thermal stability and low vapor pressures for example. In addition, the silicone oil is not corrosive. However, silicone oils are very expensive compared to other refrigerants.


  • Silicone oil Baysilone KT3
  • Type: Linear polydimethyl siloxanes
  • Density (–60 °C): 980 kg/m3
  • Spec. heat (–60 °C): 1.54 kJ/kgK
  • Viscosity (–60 °C): 25 mm2/s

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